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Permission To Be Broken

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Album #2 – In the thick of it!

Posted in Music by Jennifer Jade Kerr

After months of planning and preparation, the majority of recording for my second album is done!  I spent two weeks in Calgary over the last month, recording at Slyngshot Studios with the fantastic Jordan Wiberg.  If it hadn’t been for the nasty cold I got halfway through the trip, we would have gotten it all recorded, but it’s okay… We’re planning to finish the vocals…

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The Official Announcement – kinda

Posted in Music by Jennifer Jade Kerr

For those of you who know me or follow me on Facebook, or Twitter, or anything like that, you probably already know this.  But I figure it is probably time to really spell it out.  Goes something like this… I WILL be recording my second album this year.  Starting in JUNE.  With a wonderful producer by the name of JORDAN WIBERG.  Who works at a…

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