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Permission To Be Broken

Gallery & Testimonials


Reaching people about God's wonderful plan is definitely a gift you have with your music. You rock!
- Gloria M. (youth leader)
Your voice is like no other. It's original and that's hard to come by. The lyrics in the songs you wrote were great - you're the real deal.
- Greg P. (high school student)
I was so delighted to see you again at this year's Cancer Jamboree. I thoroughly enjoy listening to your music. You bring your own special voice to our event. Your singing career is certainly taking off...
- Margaret Hill (Director, Fundraiser Jamboree)
Jennifer is not just another Christian singer/songwriter. She has been uniquely gifted to read the human soul in all of its complexities and express them with the voice of a person crying out for the manifestation of God in their lives.
- Nina Brailean (Witness Promotions)
Just wanted to say I loved your little gig in chapel today. I really liked it. You have inspired me to learn how to finger pick.
- Robby S. (high school student)

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