For those of you who know me or follow me on Facebook, or Twitter, or anything like that, you probably already know this.  But I figure it is probably time to really spell it out.  Goes something like this…

I WILL be recording my second album this year.  Starting in JUNE.  With a wonderful producer by the name of JORDAN WIBERG.  Who works at a great place called SLYNGSHOT STUDIOS.  And I am HAPPY about it!

Haha, so there you go.  All my talk of a second album wasn’t just rambling of a lunatic. 🙂  This is going to be a great process, and I am really excited to get some new music in your ears!  And you can still get a hold of my first album, “Somehow it always does…” through CDBaby or iTunes.

In and around the time I’m in Calgary (last two weeks of June) I have room for some bookings.  So, if you’d like to book a show, worship service, etc please do so!  My email address is on the Contact page.

Thanks to all of you who have been encouraging me and supporting this continuing dream/calling of mine (you know who you are).  You are my wonderfuls!

Peace and blessings,