After months of planning and preparation, the majority of recording for my second album is done!  I spent two weeks in Calgary over the last month, recording at Slyngshot Studios with the fantastic Jordan Wiberg.  If it hadn’t been for the nasty cold I got halfway through the trip, we would have gotten it all recorded, but it’s okay… We’re planning to finish the vocals on the last few songs in October when I am back in Calgary for the Gospel Music Association of Canada conference.

What we did get done, though, I am absolutely stoked about!  We tracked all the acoustic guitars, drums and bass, along with the main vocals for 9 of the 12 songs, plus background vocals care of my friend Linda who flew out from Kelowna to lend her pipes to the project!  I am thrilled with how it’s all sounding, and I can’t wait for you all to hear it!

I am going to write a full blog really soon, and it’ll be available on my Facebook – it was such a great process and I have lots of fun stories to tell!

God bless your summer, and keep in touch!