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Permission To Be Broken


Jennifer Jade Kerr

Jennifer Jade Kerr

Someone once said, “Everyone needs a feisty red-head in their life.” Jennifer Jade Kerr fits the bill. She performs with a mix of intensity and humour, and her music has been described as “wise”, “passionate”, and “breathtaking”.

Jennifer Jade Kerr grew up in a little farming town in south-eastern Saskatchewan, Canada. Her father bought her her first guitar when she was 17, during a trip to the city to buy tractor parts. By that time, she had already been writing songs for more than five years, and they finally began to come to life.

JJK began performing her own material at open mic nights and songwriter circles during her university years, and then she spent a year touring with Christian music organization CREW Ministries as a member of the group “Saltwater”.  After her year of full-time touring ended, she stayed busy, writing, honing her guitar playing, and performing in a wide variety of venues and gaining valuable experience.  In March 2008, JJK’s song “I Don’t Want You to Know” won the regional prize in the Radiostar National Songwriting Competition, taking her to Toronto to showcase at Canadian Music Week. Her debut solo album, “Somehow it always does…” was released in September 2008 on the indie label Golden Flame Records. The album was nominated for Album of the Year and Gospel Album of the Year at the 2009 Saskatchewan Country Music Awards, taking the trophy in the Gospel category.

JJK’s second album, “Permission to be Broken” was released in April 2012.  Produced by Jordan Wiberg at Slyngshot Studios (Calgary, AB), the project brings together new dreams and new sounds.  The album was nominated for Pop/Contemporary Album of the Year the 2012 Covenant Awards (handed out by the Gospel Music Association of Canada), as well as for a 2013 Western Canadian Music Award for Spiritual Recording of the Year.   JJK was also nominated for Female Vocalist of the Year at the 2013 Covenant Awards. While in Ontario for the 2013 Covenant Awards, JJK had the opportunity to work with Riddle Films, filming three songs that have since been featured on the Vision TV program, “God’s Greatest Hits.”

With two albums now in hand (and in car trunk) JJK continues to take the show on the road, including tours in the Canadian prairies, Ontario, and even a trip to Louisiana and Mississippi.  Creating fitting performances for a variety of venues continues to be a joy and a challenge for this creative artist.

JJK believes that she was given a voice and a musical presence for a reason.  Serving as a worship music leader at retreats and services continues to be one of JJK’s favourite ways to share her musical gifts.  She has partnered with churches of many denominations in this way, and continues to be deeply committed to her home denomination (Lutheran Church-Canada), including serving as the music leader for their 2007 and 2010 National Youth Gatherings.

Partnering with charities is another way JJK puts her gifts to work.  Since 2012, she has been a Compassion Canada Artist, spreading the word about anyone can change the life of a child through Compassion child sponsorship.  JJK also pitches in to fight cancer by contributing music to fundraising events like the local Relay for Life and Terry Fox Runs.

At every opportunity, in every song, JJK’s goal is to be HOT – Honest, Open, and Transparent, about who she is and what she holds dear. JJK’s inspiration to write comes from many places – her faith in Jesus and the spiritual journey as she seeks to follow Him, her family and friends, stupid boys, nice boys, trees, the prairies, shoes…. life in general. And life is good.

After spending six years in the lakeside city of Kelowna BC, JJK is back in southern Saskatchewan. In her spare time she enjoys kick-boxing, crafting, seeing live music, having coffee with friends, and watching the Food Network (when she actually has cable, that is).


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