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Permission To Be Broken

Permission To Be Broken

“Permission to be Broken” was released April 20, 2012.

  1. I Repent
    Jennifer Jade Kerr

    I Repent

    © 2009 Jennifer Jade Kerr

    I am burdened down. Cast unto the ground. I am very low. I can’t escape this pain. All day I remain in my sorrow. Bet I know what this is all about. And I see my way out. ¶ So I will turn and run, from this pattern of behaviour. Singing “I am done!” No, I’m not coming back later. Iniquity is gone from me, You made me clean the moment that I said, I said, “I repent. I repent.” There’s nothing You can’t take. Nothing You won’t make completely disappear. Yet I hold my sin so close, hoping You won’t know. What have I to fear? When it comes to sin, You hate the stay. And You love the
    takeaway. ¶ If we say we have no sin, we’re lyin’. If we say we have no sin, we’re lyin’. If I say I have no sin, I’m lyin’. I’m lyin’… ¶ Your Word burns, like a fire deep inside me guiding me to turn, as You lovingly refine me. God, give me the power to hold fast, because I meant it when I said, I said, “I repent. I repent.”

  2. Throw Me a Bone
    Jennifer Jade Kerr

    Throw Me a Bone

    © 2007 Jennifer Jade Kerr

    Throw me a bone here, something to go on, please. I’m
    so weak from lack of hope that I’m on my knees. I can’t
    keep making something out of nothing. You can’t live off
    nothing. Throw me a bone. • Throw me a bone here,
    something to give me strength. I feel brittle, like at any
    moment I could break. I used to be strong and free.
    What happened to me? Throw me a bone • Throw me a
    bone here, something from the table top. Like everyone
    else is enjoying. Yeah, I would like that a lot. Instead of
    waiting underneath, and begging at their feet. Throw me
    a bone. • Throw me a bone here, something to reassure.
    That, despite this disaster, You hold my heart secure.
    Remind me I am not alone… I don’t want to be alone.
    Throw me a bone. Throw me a bone.

  3. Angry With God
    Jennifer Jade Kerr

    Angry With God

    © 2007 Jennifer Jade Kerr

    Yet again, I’ve fallen in love with my plans. I’ve polished
    up stones, and build an altar with my own hands. And I
    am so proud of my perfect ducks in their perfect row. One
    thing’s still missing, and what it is, I know I know. ¶ So
    why can’t You, just once, give me what I think I need?
    So that it numbs this dull ache here inside of me. You
    soothe, I scream, and the pain of it scrapes me raw,
    Plus the guilt that comes with being angry with God. ¶
    I don’t understand. What more do You want? I’ve been
    good. I have avoided, not done what I shouldn’t, and did
    what I could. But when I wanted that, You made me wait,
    or gave me this. You heard my prayers, I know You did,
    so what did You miss? ¶ Impulsive, impatient, and selfish
    I’m sure. Demanding, defensive, and just plain immature.
    I hate that a part of me doesn’t care how. God, I just want
    for the pain to stop now. Now. Now. NOW! Whoa… ¶

  4. Permission to be Broken
    Jennifer Jade Kerr

    Permission to be Broken

    © 2010 Jennifer Jade Kerr

    The mirror’s reflection shows me the same thing that it
    did minutes ago. A bit more concealer, a layer of powder
    and a prayer no one looks too close. ‘Cause inside the
    walls are shaking… can’t let them catch me breaking. •
    And then it’s smile time, saying the same lines I believe,
    but I’m fighting with right now. I’ve heard it’s okay to
    struggle and work through your questions, but I know I’m
    not allowed. When perfection’s the mask, if you need
    help, how do you ask? ¶ I need permission to be
    broken, to not have it all together. I need allowance for
    my weakness, for not having all the answers. ¶ I am
    supposed to be the one on whom everyone can rely. And
    I live in terror of my next error, and the day all this goes
    awry. It’s shameful to fail… I don’t want them to know that
    I’m so frail. ¶ Something tells me that Perfect’s out there.
    Maybe that’s why I try so hard. But if I was ever perfect, I
    would have no need for all You are. And I need all You
    are. ¶ You are my permission to be broken, to not
    have it all together. And You are my allowance for this
    weakness, and only You have the answers. Jesus,
    only You are the answer.

  5. Green
    Jennifer Jade Kerr


    © 2008 Jennifer Jade Kerr

    Verse 1
    Second of June, autumn came early
    Too fast and too soon, made to pay dearly
    Piles of brittle and brown, unkind, thrown to the ground
    A tell-tale sign, snow started falling
    Your heart and mine lost sight of their calling
    We gave up, didn’t we? Losing the forest for one tree
    Dead and dry, you and I
    The winter was hard and it did a number on
    Me and you, I thought I was through
    And then all of a sudden I see… green.
    I see green, oh whoa whoa
    Verse 2
    All to its day, and all to its season
    Come what may, yeah, all has a reason
    I fought hard not to learn, choosing to watch it all burn

  6. You and Your Love
    Jennifer Jade Kerr

    You and Your Love

    © 2011 Jennifer Jade Kerr

    Oh, the power of a storm cloud, gath’ring overhead.
    Watch every good intention fall… dead. Circumstances
    do their dances to an unpretty song, and everything but
    you sings along. ¶ One minute, I’m so sad/mad then
    what the heck, you come and wrap your arms around
    my neck. My heart spent hours in disarray, until you
    and your love saved the day. Until you and your love
    saved the day, you and your love. ¶ Oh, a morning that
    void of good should never be allowed. Spent the
    afternoon with a firmly furrowed… brow. But then it
    shifted, clouds, they lifted, I, I was renewed by a little act
    of kindness from You. ¶ You and your love are warm, but
    you never burn. You and your love expect nothing in
    return. You and your love were just what I needed. ¶ One
    minute I’m so sad, then what the heck. You come and
    wrap your arms around my neck. One minute, I’m so
    done then what the heck, You come and wrap those
    arms around my neck. My heart spent hours in
    disarray. Until you and your love saved the day. Until
    you and your love saved the day. You and your love,
    you and your sweet love.

  7. Happy Song
    Jennifer Jade Kerr

    Happy Song

    © 2009 Jennifer Jade Kerr

    A brand new morning, I climb out of bed. Sun is shining,
    time to get myself fed. A good cup of coffee, a scramble
    of eggs. Sit down on the floor, stretch out my legs, and
    think “It would be silly to darken this day, to block out the
    sunshine, and pull on the grey.” ¶ It’s time for a happy
    song. I think I’ve been sad too long. So what if the
    pain’s not gone? I need to let it go. It’s time to let the
    joy back in, say goodbye to where I’ve been, to feel
    good in my own skin, and smile even though, even
    though. ¶ A nice hot shower, a clean set of clothes. A
    good job to drive to, a car that still goes. Cash in my
    pocket, not lots, but enough. How did I manage to forget
    this stuff? I let myself wallow in what was long past… A
    tough pill to swallow, but it’s down at last. ¶ At some
    point, you’ve got to stop and decide that you’re done
    crying, throw your arms out wide. ¶ And sing a happy
    song. If you’ve been sad too long. So what if the
    pain’s not gone? You need to let it go. It’s time to let
    the joy back in, say goodbye to where you’ve been,
    and feel good in your own skin, and smile even
    though, even though.

  8. There's a Stirring
    Jennifer Jade Kerr

    There's a Stirring

    By Annie Herring | © 1992 Latter Rain Music (Admin. by EMI Christian Music Publishing).

    There’s a stirring deep within me. Could it be my time has
    come, when I’ll see my gracious Saviour face to face
    when all is done? Is that His voice I am hearing? “Come
    away, my precious one.” Is He calling me? Is He calling
    me? ¶ I will rise up, rise up, and bow down lay my
    crown at His wounded feet. ¶

  9. The Heart of God
    Jennifer Jade Kerr

    The Heart of God

    © 2011 Jennifer Jade Kerr

    I have looked for love in all the wrong places, except
    where I know it is found. I have tried my hand at finding
    freedom, just to find my hands and feet bound. And I
    have tried to sing of so many pretty things, but the songs,
    they left me cold. I have got to stop tryn’ to hand-make
    silver, while I’m being showered with gold. ¶ I can sing
    because You sing over me. I can love because You
    loved me first. I forgive because of Your guarantee
    that You can forgive me of my worst. Any good in me,
    You provide. All my virtue comes from inside the
    heart of God, oh, the heart of God. ¶ Every good and
    perfect gift comes from the hand of He who formed me
    from dust. His unfailing love does not abandon, and
    that’s the kind of love I can trust! Lord, You lift my face
    as You shower me with grace. Your blessings, so above
    and beyond. I give You my heart, ‘cause it’s been Yours
    right from the start, with everything I am, I respond. ¶ I
    will sing because You sing over me, I will love
    because You loved me first. And I forgive because of
    Your guarantee that You will forgive me of my worst.
    Any good in me, You provide. All my virtue comes
    from inside (the heart of God). There’s no place I’d
    rather reside. There’s no home for me but inside the
    heart of God, oh, the heart of God. Oh, the heart of
    God. I love the heart of God.

  10. Skin Deep
    Jennifer Jade Kerr

    Skin Deep

    © 2011 Jennifer Jade Kerr

    We may have gotten this faith thing backwards. We may
    have gotten very confused. So we come to You to get
    rewired. The energy we waste in all our trying to be what we
    think the world needs to see has left us so tired. ¶ We want
    Your love to change us on the inside and flow out from
    there. Irresistible because it’s honest, yes that’s our prayer.
    Not just something worn, something claimed, something
    cheap. Lord, give us a faith that’s more than skin deep. ¶
    Take us back to the day we met You. Remind us You are
    mighty to save, that You are enough, and then some. You are
    too true for us to have to fake our way through. Father, when
    we are in You, it’ll just come. ¶ Beloved ones, let’s lift our faces
    to the God of all-sufficient graces. ¶

  11. Reflection
    Jennifer Jade Kerr


    By Michael Bridges & George Baum | © 2005 LOST AND FOUND. All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission.

    ¶ Let my life be a reflection, of the love that You have
    shown. Let Your love be my direction, and my heart be
    Your home. ¶ ‘Til the trumpet sounds and the heavens part,
    until the moon is red and the sky is dark. Until the heavens
    shake and the mountains quake, and the stones cry out Your
    name. Until the hills are sweet and filled with cream, until the
    young ones see and the old ones dream. The angel flies, the
    sleeping rise, and the mysteries are plain. ¶ Alleluia, Alleluia!
    Alleluia, Alleluia!

  12. Human
    Jennifer Jade Kerr


    © 2011 Jennifer Jade Kerr

    By now, I am well-practiced at seeming more than I can be.
    And after all these years of training, the only one I’ve fooled is
    me. ¶ But every morning that I barely get out of bed, and
    every existential battle in my head reminds a girl she’s
    human. ¶ I would rather hide my downfalls, and pretend they
    don’t exist. And I would rather praise the straight lines, and
    turn my back when they twist. ¶ But every night that does
    not go as it was planned, every big mistake and every
    reprimand, reminds a girl she’s human. ¶ And every tear
    that spoils my face, puts me right back in my place. ¶ Every
    mountainscape that takes my breath away, the Love I don’t
    deserve but I get every day, reminds a girl she’s human.
    Reminds a girl she’s human. ¶

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