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Permission To Be Broken

News & Updates


Posted in News & Updates by Jennifer Jade Kerr

This year is going to be a great one… I can taste it!  Here are some fun updates: – Had a great meeting over the weekend during BreakForth with my producer Jordan Wiberg.  Talked through some mixes – everything is sounding awesome! – Working on the album artwork with Scott Refvik of Diguno Media, using the great pictures from Rebecca at Rougis Photography. – Getting…

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New Pics

Posted in News & Updates by Jennifer Jade Kerr

Very excited to show off some preview pictures from my Album #2 photoshoot with Rebecca Siewert of Rougis Photography.  What a gifted young lady!  I have never felt so confident in front of a camera (oh, how I hate getting my picture taken).  Thanks Rebecca for making me feel, and look, so beautiful! Check out the photos here: And I’ll post the link for…

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Busy Fall

Posted in News & Updates by Jennifer Jade Kerr

Hey friends 🙂 Fall has been extremely busy and really wonderful this year.  October flew like a marshmallow from a slingshot, let me tell you!  (Strange reference, I know, but some of my singing friends from Western Christian College will remember that slingshotting marshmallows works really well, and kind of hurts!) Spent a week in Calgary for the Gospel Music Assocation of Canada conference –…

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Album and Shows (news)

Posted in Tours by Jennifer Jade Kerr

Ack, it’s September!  How the heck did that happen?? A little update on the album – things are progressing VERY nicely, and my producer Jordan Wiberg recently sent me the most recent copy of “Green”, one of my favourite songs that will be on the album.  It’s sounding wonderful, and I’m so excited to share it with everyone!  We’re looking at a spring release… so…

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Album #2 – In the thick of it!

Posted in Music by Jennifer Jade Kerr

After months of planning and preparation, the majority of recording for my second album is done!  I spent two weeks in Calgary over the last month, recording at Slyngshot Studios with the fantastic Jordan Wiberg.  If it hadn’t been for the nasty cold I got halfway through the trip, we would have gotten it all recorded, but it’s okay… We’re planning to finish the vocals…

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