So, this week’s musical adventures have included a whole boatload of submissions… I’ve got my songs in the hat for two things I’m pretty excited about!

1) The BreakForth Artist Competition – the top 10 of this competition get to play on a sidestage at BreakForth, and then the top artist gets to open for some big names at this incredible event!  Check out for more details!

2) The International Songwriting Competition – I have submitted three songs for this competition (including a BRAND NEW one, as in I wrote it last Wednesday).  A big part of this competition is how well the artists promote their work, and I am really excited about getting the word out.  Why so excited?  Well, the brand new song, entitled “Dust”, was written to complement my work with Compassion Canada, an incredibly missional child sponsorship charity that is doing amazing work around the world.  The more listens, likes, and comments I get on my SoundCloud profile, including on “Dust”, the better chance I have of taking my work to the next level (thereby doing even more work on behalf of Compassion).  So… YOU get to be the judge!!

Wanna help??  Head on over to to hear “Dust”, plus favourites “Suddenly Angels Came” and “I Repent”.  Every little bit helps, so tell your friends, email your mom, and Facebook your Aunt Harriet.  Well, you might not have an Aunt Harriet, but Facebook people you DO know and help spread the word!

God bless you, and thank you for helping me help the children of the world  🙂