So, April has been nuts… but nuts in the best possible way!  Last weekend I had the pleasure of leading music at a women’s retreat with the North American Baptist ladies of BC.  We descended upon RockRidge Canyon camp, in all our Mardi Gras mask-wearing, coffee drinking, ziplining, Jesus-worshipping glory!

Then this past weekend, I spent at another women’s retreat… this time in Kelowna at Willow Park Church.  We went through Beth Moore’s ‘Loving Well’ series, ate incredible meals, and really enjoyed our time together.  With me was a band of dear friends from my church – Jessica, Linda, Kerstin, and brave Adam – and leading music with them was an incredible experience!

So, for the rest of the day I will be sitting at home, in my sweatpants, wondering if a nap at 6pm is really a good idea when I’ll probably be in bed before 10.

God is so good.  🙂