The CD release on April 20 was a big success – and “Permission to be Broken” is officially available!  Keep an eye out for the online release very soon, and also for a website overhaul.  It’s exciting times, folks!

The past week, I’ve been having a blast touring through Alberta, hitting Strathmore (Sacred Heart Academy), Calgary (Cross Pointe Family Church), Edmonton (Lutheran Church Canada Alberta-British Columbia District Convention), and Leduc (St. Peter’s Lutheran… special props go out to Linda Schulze and Pete the Concert Spider!).  It’s been great so far, and the response to the songs off the new album has been awesome.

Tomorrow – off to St. Matthew’s Lutheran School in Stony Plain, and then on to Radisson, SK for Friday!  Saskatchewan, I’m a-comin’!  For all you in Radisson, Saskatoon, Moose Jaw, Yellow Grass, Estevan, and Regina… can’t wait to see you!

Prayers for safe travel and good health are always appreciated.  Special thanks again to the kindness of all the churches/schools/friends that have made this tour possible, and also to COMPASSION CANADA for their partnership and encouragement!  So excited to spread the word about their incredible work and help in any way I can to plug people in.

That’s it for me, from rainy Edmonton.  Blessings!