Welcome to the new website 🙂

Thanks to my buddy Scott Refvik of Diguno Media, I’ve got a great new site that lines up with the new album.  Look around, get familiar, and keep an eye on pages like News and Shows for the most up to date info.

Just a heads up for the fall – I’m planning on heading east in late October or early November (as in all the way to ONTARIO) for the first time in years, so if you’re interested in hosting a show or coming to see a concert, let me know!  Can’t wait to get back out that way, and take the new songs off of “Permission to be Broken” with me.

Speaking of, if you don’t have a copy of the new CD yet, it is now available on CDBaby.com and iTunes 🙂   CDBaby.com is running a 0% commission special until midnight TOMORROW (as in Friday, August 3) so if you want to download a copy, it’s a great way to support me as an artist by ensuring I get 100% of the proceeds.  But heck, I’m happy if you just get the music in your ears, so do whatever works for you.

Have a great weekend – God bless,