Hey Friends,

Greetings from an overcast, blustery Saskatoon!  And don’t take that as me complaining… it’s not snowing, and that makes it okay by me.  🙂

Jordan and I have just finished the Alberta leg of the Prairie-Go-Round tour, and I have been having a ball.  Not only do I get to tour with an amazing artist of whom I am a big fan, but we have been spending time with some of incredible people.  From Calgary to Edmonton, Grande Prairie to High Prairie, and then back down to Carstairs, we have been blessed by friendship and generosity every single day.  Thank you to everyone who has fed us, housed us, laughed with us, fed us again, and made us feel so at home wherever our tires have taken us.  Making music is great, but when people like you get involved, it becomes more than a few songs and a few concerts.  Together, we create community, we experience grace, and we encounter God.  I am so glad we get to do this thing together!

So, after a fantastic week-ish in Alberta, we made it to my home province and are gearing up for a house concert tonight in Saskatoon. Jordan booked this show, so I was expecting to be meeting people I didn’t already know.  Well, it just so happens that I DO have a connection with the family hosting the concert… Jenna Lynn, who graciously organized the show, is the daughter of Val Tysdal, who was part of Arlen Salte’s HeartAttack band, a group that toured through my hometown when I was a young teen.  That concert was a huge deal for me, as I caught a glimpse of people using their musical gifts to openly share their faith.  That concert, at the Legion Hall in Yellow Grass, Saskatchewan, showed me context for my life, and it’s one of the reasons I’m doing what I’m doing today.  That’s how the people of God do things… we live in context, build community, inspire one another, and create a foundation that can others build their lives upon.  Val, Arlen, and the many other people who have given me that foundation… you rock.  Many thanks for what you’ve done and continue to do.  I hope, with God’s guidance, that I can build something strong that can do for others what you have done for me.

It’s with this grounding and gratitude that I make my way toward Yellow Grass, to do a hometown show on Saturday night.  Can’t wait to share some new tunes and show off my talented tour buddy.  See you soon, YG!  Then it’s off to Regina, for a few busy days of concerts, worship services, and chapels.  I’m all wiggly with anticipation of seeing many good friends and family there in the Queen City!  After our busy SK weekend, it’s off to Manitoba to do a week of shows in Jordan’s homeland.  Really excited to meet the family he’s always bragging about and share some music with them.

Yours, and His,