So, I consider my time in Ontario thus far to be a grand success. ¬†These are my reasons…

1) Kelti and I were (eventually) able to find each other in the Toronto airport.

2) I was able to drive on the 401 without having a complete nervous breakdown.  (Learning to drive in a town of 500 people tends to make the transition to city driving a bit challenging.)

3) We found our wonderful billets in Kitchener… thanks to the Lutheran crest hanging in their front window.

4) Our first day of rehearsal at the beautiful Historic St. Paul’s Lutheran in Kitchener was fantastic (and the fact that the altar at the church looks so much like the one at the church I grew up in made it that much more wonderful).

5) Found out I got a Showcase spot on November 5 at the GMAC conference… check out the Shows page for more details!


Having a blast… God is good!