Ahhh… it’s so good to be back.  My prairie tour with the fantastic Kelti Malone started this past week in Edmonton, with two shows – one at a great coffeehouse called Jeffrey’s and one with the lovely folks at Grace Lutheran Church.  Then, it was off for a few days in Calgary, then up to Grande Prairie, and now… off to Saskatchewan!!!  I am so excited to be singing in my homeland once again!  Check out the Shows page for all the details on the SK shows, even a possible date added in Regina.  We’re working on finding a coffeehouse to make some noise at for April 30, so say a prayer for our phone calls and emails!

If you want to follow the tour fun, find me on Facebook (Jennifer Jade Kerr, person OR page) and watch for photo album updates along the way.  You’ll learn many fascinating things, like how to pack a two-person tour in a Chevy Cobalt, the glory that is maple bacon donuts, and much more!