Yes, my friends.  It is fall.  The days keep flying by like the dry leaves caught up by the wind.

Teehee.  I love fall.  Or as my sister calls it, Boots and Sweaters.

On the homefront, I am finally getting settled in my home-again-home of Regina, Saskatchewan.  Found a great roommate (hi, Pamela!), a great rental condo, and am loving being close to my family again.  Oh, and I got a cool new job!  I am working as a digital designer at a funeral home.  Helping families design memorial cards and other materials to honour their loved one is a real blessing, and I’m really enjoying it.

On the music front, after a busy summer of Vacation Bible Schools and youth events in BC and Saskatchewan, things slowed down a bit.  I have a few things coming up though!  This weekend, I’m off to Camp Lutherland to lead music for a confirmation retreat, and next weekend I’m bound for Vancouver Island to play a couple concerts and a Sunday morning service!  I’m very excited about both of these trips.  Head over to the Shows page for more details.

Other than that, because of the whole being fully employed thing, I won’t be hitting the road too much for a while.  But if you have need (or want) of my noise-making services in and around Regina, I’d be happy to help!  Shoot me an email and we’ll put things together.

Rich blessings and pumpkin everything, folks!