Hmmm… it seems that I haven’t been very good at posting updates lately.  How unfortunate.  I do apologize.  Although I am not going to make excuses, I do have a few good reasons for why things have been so quiet on here!  For one… after six and a half amazing years of life and ministry in Kelowna, I have moved back to Regina, SK.  I am now in the same city as my brother and boyfriend, forty-five minutes away from my parents, and reconnecting with wonderful friends.  I knew that my season in Kelowna would come to an end at some point, but it feels like it came really fast!  I will treasure the relationships and partnerships from that time and that place, and I look forward to many visits to my lake-side home (like in July, when I’m back in BC for two VBSs and a youth gathering!).

In other news, I am only a few weeks away from a very exciting Ontario tour with my fantastic friend (and 2015 Juno Nominee) Chelsea Amber!  What a star this woman is!  You can learn more about her, and hear her amazing music, at  Or, you can come to one of our Ontario shows!  Head on over to the Shows page to see the line-up.  You should come.  It’ll be great.

I pray that your Spring season is as vibrant and full of life as mine is, or that you can see little green buds of hope springing up if you have experienced a winter of the soul as of late.  No matter where you fall on that spectrum, God is good, and His love never fails.  Here’s to health and growth and joy.